Life Hacks: Text Notifications

Life Hacks: Text Notifications So many notifications come to us in the form of an audible alert, and this can sometimes be inconvenient. Who likes having their phone go off in church? The problem is that sound propagates regardless of the intended target. Touch, on the other hand, is an inherently personal sensation. Setting your phone to vibrate lets you know you’re being alerted, without notifying everyone else in the room as well.

Leaving Facebook

Deutsche Übersetzung folgt. I’ve left* Facebook. There’s an asterisk there. I’m not going to delete my account, but I’m no longer checking Facebook more than once or twice a month, if that. I’m not trying to be a recluse—below are a few ways to contact me that I do check far more often than Facebook. I want to be your friend, but I’d rather that friendship be through a real connection rather than some online “status”.

My Wedding

I got married last week! I met Sarah almost five years ago on trek.1 We stayed in touch afterwards, and look where we ended up! Below are some stories from our courtship. First time seeing each other It was the first day of trek. I found my family and sat down at the most extreme end of the bench. I got to know my trek brothers a little bit, but mostly kept to myself.


I came across a quote posted by a friend of mine that read: The difference between spiritualism and religion is that spiritualism is pro-light, while religion is anti-sin. Or something to that effect. This quote bothered me because I felt that it maligned religion. I asked this friend for some clarification; it seemed clear from their response that they had had a rather negative experience with religion. They explained that they felt that religion (in general) micro-manages the lives of its adherents and focuses on telling people what they can’t do.


I once asked my dad over email how to improve my the potency of my words and thoughts. His reply came back as one word: Revision. Good writing does not emerge spontaneously; it comes as one practices writing. A “draft” is a pass of writing a particular work. It’s like sketching in art: when an artist starts a painting, they usually start with a rough sketch outlining where the figures will be, what the landscape will be like, etc.

Rapid Website Development with Mojolicious and Polymer

My girlfriend works for BYU SA—it’s the division of BYU that’s responsible for planning and running events. As part of her job, she has to review song lyrics and make sure that the song is okay to play at BYU functions. This can get rather irksome. Imagine reading text looking for vulgar words or phrases. Yuck. I took some time this evening to write a little website that checks MetroLyrics for any vulgar words or phrases.

Eh, Docker, we have a problem here…

Quick note for those who don’t know about Docker: Docker is a program that lets me take packaged-up programs (called images or containers) and run them without having to worry much about dependencies. Today I decided to upgrade my version of Ghost Blog. I’m using the Docker image on a Digital Ocean droplet. Updating should be simple, I thought. I would take down the blog then spin it back up again after pulling down the latest Docker image.

Why a Blog?

Ever since returning home from my mission to Germany in September of 2016, I have tried to to reduce how much I have interacted with Facebook. It is not a platform for writing, which is what I want to do. I’ve decided to use a blog for the sake of publishing my ideas. I’ll write more about this later…

Emacs Tips and Tricks

Emacs Tips and Tricks To Learn About ☒ Company-mode (completion framework for lots of stuff) ☒ YASnippets (templates) ☒ Auto-YASnippets (something like that—I installed it for temporary templates) ☒ Alchemist mode (integrates with company mode—tooling for Elixir) ☐ What do M-. and M-, do? ☐ font-lock-add-keywords would let me add new keywords to a language ☐ hi-lock ☐ highlight-phrase, unhighlight-regex ☒ Registers ☐ Auto-loading packages to make startup time shorter Things that make me happy Undo in region (just highlight something and hit undo) Generate Backus-Nauer Forms with a slightly modified syntax with ebnf-eps-buffer Helm You can filter buffers by pattern with Helm.


Hello. My name is Ashton Wiersdorf. I usually introduce myself with my first and last name, and a firm handshake. Since we’re interacting via the Internet, I’ll forgo that step of my customary greeting. I am a student studying computer science at Brigham Young University. More about me later…