Ode to Used Book Stores

Ode to Used Book Stores

3 Aug 2021
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When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.
— Erasmus of Rotterdam

Used bookstores are my arch nemesis.

I have two such stores in disturbingly close proximity to me. The first is Boomerang Books—within a short walk of my house and right next to Burgers Supreme (almost as dangerous)—and they carry textbooks at a fifth of the original price. Last time I went there I walked out with a book on graph theory I most certainly don’t need. The second is Pioneer Book. My wife and I went there on a date a couple of months ago. I walked out with a dozen books.

My wallet has suffered.

What keeps me hooked is that my wallet has suffered much less than it would if they were not used books, though!

The serendipity is what gets me. I was walking up the stairs when I passed a copy of Walden be Emerson that was waiting to be sorted and shelved. I picked it up and added it to the pile.

I’m not sure how much more my bookshelf can take. The books are already stacked two deep. I just need to make time, dig in, and start reading. Maybe I can give back some of those wonderful books after I’ve finished them.