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Christmas 2021

25 Dec 2021
personal, faith

It’s my first Christmas being a dad. The end of the school semester was unusually stressful; I didn’t have much time or energy to anticipate Christmas. But I’ve felt a marked lack of eagerness for getting presents. That feeling wanes each year—something I’m grateful for—but this year I only felt an eagerness for a time of peace and celebration with my family. Peaceful it has been. My family isn’t perfect. (My baby daughter is about as perfect as they come, though! ...

Reluctance to Bear a Symbol

19 Sep 2021

I feel uncomfortable with many symbols. I might have opinions about a subject, but there’s rarely a camp that has some symbol, flag, slogan, etc. that I’m comfortable with adopting because that camp does not accurately reflect my opinion. All too often, a slogan takes on more than its surface meaning, and that can make using that slogan tricky.


Health and Taking Care of Yourself

14 Aug 2021
health, personal

It’s going to be another long night. My baby has reached the point where she’s too tired to sleep. She alternates between screaming at 90+ decibels and sleeping fitfully. She only transfers from the crying state to the sleep state after prolonged, labored rocking and soothing. She transfers back to the base crying state on her own after a few seconds.


This Too Shall Pass

13 Jun 2021
RSI, faith

It’s cliché at this point to say that 2020 was a rough year. I’m grateful in that I and my wife were relatively unscathed by the pandemic. I had some personal health issues however that by themselves made 2020 a bit of a struggle. I learned some important lessons.


Easter 2021

21 Mar 2021
faith, music

I love Easter. In my mind it is just as important as Christmas. Indeed, if Christ had not died for our sins and been resurrected, then there would be no reason to celebrate His birth.

I recorded a short, simple vocal arrangement of “O Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown” by J. S. Bach with my wife.


The 11th

11 Sep 2020

Today is September 11th. I remember waking up 19 years ago, coming into the living room, and my dad getting down on one knee so he was closer to my level. He told me that earlier that morning two airplanes had crashed into some tall buildings in New York City. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but I soon found out.


Book Review: Technopoly

26 Aug 2020
book-review, technology, philosophy

In Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, Neil Postman argues that our infatuation with technology has insidiously eroded our culture. We gain much through technology, but it comes at a price; all too often we are blind to that price. This book seeks to call attention to the costs of a technology-focused society. I felt this poignantly because I, as a technology worker, know what that infatuation feels like.


Book Review: Amusing Ourselves to Death

7 Jun 2020
book-review, philosophy

Overview # The primary thrust of this book is that television has degraded our mode of public discourse. Our news, politics, education, and even religion are delivered to us primarily through television, where they were once delivered via the written word. This transformation of medium is not irrelevant: just as poetry doesn’t survive fully intact when translated from one language to another, likewise ideas do not survive translation of medium. ...


23 May 2020

Masks have become a hot issue. Here’s my 2¢. Summary # I think everyone should wear a mask, unless they have a compelling medical reason not to. Look at it this way: a mask will either help you and those around you, or it will do no harm—beyond a little social awkwardness. If we look at the trade-offs in a game-theory-style matrix, we get: | | Masks Help | Masks don’t help | |——————-+————+——————| | Wear a mask | +100 | 0 | | Don’t wear a mask | -100 | 0 | ...