Blog update

Blog update

2 Jul 2022

Brief update on the blog: I had been running a custom fork of the Anatole theme; it diverged pretty heavily, and I found a nice way to customize the CSS. Behold! The new-and-improved blog.

Some of the new extensions to Anatole include the ability to set a static page as your profile; I’ll do this and include links to lists of publications and whatnot. This should make my blog a better place for my professional/academic life.

I have lost my comments and metrics plugins; I’m debating about whether or not I will want to re-include them. I wasn’t getting too much benefit from them (though it was exciting to see when a post I wrote made it to the front page of HN!) and they’re a little bit of a hassle to maintain.

In other news, I’m trying out SourceHut to host some of my projects; stay tuned for a post about μKanren, a tiny logic language that can be embedded into pretty much any language you want. You can read the material that will form the source of my post here on SourceHut if you are impatient.