Big Updates to My Blog

3 Jul 2024

I’ve made some big changes to my blog! This post is just for me to document what I’ve done and why, as well as to test some of the new features I’ve added. New fonts # First off: new fonts! I am using Valkyrie for the body text and Concourse for the headings. I’ve increased the font size on larger displays for added legibility. I also made the background a little darker for better contrast. ...

My Commitment to Intellectual Integrity

23 Sep 2023

I got a strange email the other day. Here it is, with parts redacted: Hi there, My name is G—, I am the main editor at —————. While browsing your site, I noticed you have an amazing article from this page: Link to an extremely old post of mine My team actually just published a comprehensive article on “Semi-related title” which I think your visitors would truly appreciate and add value to your awesome article. ...

Meta: Update should fix RSS feeds

13 May 2023

I recently made an update to how I build my blog. I like writing my posts with Org-mode because it provides a richer markup language than Markdown. Plus, more Emacs = more good. Hugo has support for Org files, but there was a problem with the RSS feed generation: all of my posts written in Org got truncated at some point. I don’t know if the fault lies with Hugo itself or with some problem in the theme I use—whatever it was, I don’t have the time right now to debug that and submit a good bug report or a fix. ...

Yet another blog revamp

26 Oct 2022

Yes, it’s time to redo my blog again. This time I found an ultra light-weight blog theme. This page here is under 100KB! I wanted to make something that acts more like a homepage for my research, rather than a blog. I still have all my blog posts, but now the focus will be on a more professional presentation of my work. This theme is really what I’ve wanted all along: a home page with a max-width for the text, table of contents, and built-in local search! ...

Blog update

2 Jul 2022

Brief update on the blog: I had been running a custom fork of the Anatole theme; it diverged pretty heavily, and I found a nice way to customize the CSS. Behold! The new-and-improved blog. Some of the new extensions to Anatole include the ability to set a static page as your profile; I’ll do this and include links to lists of publications and whatnot. This should make my blog a better place for my professional/academic life. ...


6 Jan 2019

I got Disqus working! You’ll notice at the bottom of the page is now a place to leave comments. Disqus has their privacy policy here. They make money through advertising, which is unfortunate, because that means they’re selling some of your (and my) data to third parties. That’s pretty common these days. :-/ If you don’t want to be tracked, you can enable content blockers in Safari by going to Preferences (⌘-,) > Websites > Content Blockers and toggling the blocker: ...