Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021

25 Dec 2021
personal, faith

It’s my first Christmas being a dad. The end of the school semester was unusually stressful; I didn’t have much time or energy to anticipate Christmas. But I’ve felt a marked lack of eagerness for getting presents. That feeling wanes each year—something I’m grateful for—but this year I only felt an eagerness for a time of peace and celebration with my family. Peaceful it has been.

My family isn’t perfect. (My baby daughter is about as perfect as they come, though!) The time I’ve gotten to spend so far and the time that I will spend with them is precious to me. My wife and I have focused so much on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ that this commercialized junk we put up with has been all but absent from our home. We have a few books about Santa Claus that we read to our daughter, but we’ve listened to strictly Christ-centered music. (A Charlie Brown Christmas counts, though!) There’s been a spirit in our home that has brought me comfort and peace in this tumultuous year—more than any before it.

Merry Christmas—may the peace of God be with you.