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My Wedding

26 May 2018

I got married last week! I met Sarah almost five years ago on trek.1 We stayed in touch afterwards, and look where we ended up! Below are some stories from our courtship. First time seeing each other # It was the first day of trek. I found my family and sat down at the most extreme end of the bench. I got to know my trek brothers a little bit, but mostly kept to myself. ...


19 Feb 2018

I came across a quote posted by a friend of mine that read: The difference between spiritualism and religion is that spiritualism is pro-light, while religion is anti-sin. Or something to that effect. This quote bothered me because I felt that it maligned religion. I asked this friend for some clarification; it seemed clear from their response that they had had a rather negative experience with religion. They explained that they felt that religion (in general) micro-manages the lives of its adherents and focuses on telling people what they can’t do. ...